How I Became a UX Designer

A Nice College Degree

I initially graduated with a bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Science. Some would say that this is a meaningless degree, but I think I am a better designer because of it. I have become a great critical, insightful thinker, and a creative problem solver — all very critical soft skills needed to be a good UX designer. I just did not know at the time that this was the path leading me to my true career.


From the Start

I decided that I wanted to work with the web since that would meet my creative and problem-solving skills. However, I needed to acquire a whole new set of technical skill I did not have before. Therefore, I went back to get a certificate in web design. I continued to work while going to school, and I got a solid foundation and the technical confidence to start on my new path. I got an internship (that is right) and started my new design career.


The Transition from Web Design to UX Design

My transition into UX design was much more seamless as there are some overlaps between the two fields. I’ve always had a systematic approach to web design

  1. Make a competitor analysis
  2. Create site architecture
  3. Create wireframes
  4. Create visual design…


Most of the time life takes unexpected turns, but with great curiosity and sense of discovery it can lead you to your calling — for me that is UX. I have no regrets about my journey. I have learned invaluable lessons that make me a better designer today. I hope that my winding road story inspires you to find your path towards UX. Please feel free to share your story about your journey. I would love to hear all about it.



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Stefanie Lauria

Stefanie Lauria


UX Designer in the NY Metro area. Music hunter. Lover of the great outdoors. Van life dreamer. Sharing is caring.